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Subject Requests

The FidesOps Admin UI is designed to provide easy, at-a-glance access to submitted Subject Requests. The Subject Request panel provides search and sort capabilities, quick approve and deny functions, and in-depth details on a request's history and status.

subject requests

Panel options

Option Description
Status Requests can be filtered by their current status: Error, Denied, In Progress, New, Canceled, and Complete.
Search The search bar filters on a given field: status, reviewer, etc.
Date Filter Retrieve requests received within a certain date window.
Reveal PII Toggling Reveal PII will display all personal information for the shown requests.
Download Download a .csv of the shown requests.
Clear Remove all search options and filters.

Approve or deny requests

approve or deny requests

Hovering over a request row will provide access to the approve and deny options for that request.

Approving a request will log the action, the approver's account, and begin the process of executing the request based on the associated policy.

Denying a request allows the user to input a denial reason before confirming the action.

request denial

View request details

subject request details Double-clicking a request row will display the request detail page, which allows access to additional information about the request, including the request ID, request type, and current status.

Requests with a status of Error can also be retried from this panel by selecting the Retry button.

The bottom of the Request Details panel displays the selected request's full event history. Selecting View Details on any event displays a summary of the event. View Log displays a detailed event log, which includes fidesops' traversal through third-party connections and collections.

subject request log

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