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To run this project, ensure you have the following requirements installed and running on your machine:

  • Docker 12+
  • Python 3.8+
  • Make
  • pg_config (brew install libpq or brew install postgres on Mac)

Clone the fidesdemo repo

Clone Fides Demo, and run make install to begin setup. Among other things, this will create a Flask app to mimic your application, and provide several YAML files that annotate the Flask app's databases.

git clone
cd fidesdemo
make install
source venv/bin/activate

Next, run make server. You can now visit to explore the test app. It is a simple e-commerce marketplace where users can buy and sell products.

Similarly you can visit to check that fidesops is up and running and preview the set of API endpoints that are available for us to run requests on fidesops.

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