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Development Overview

Thanks for contributing to fidesops! This section of the docs is designed to help you become familiar with how we work, the standards we apply, and how to ensure your contribution is successful.

If you're stuck, don't be shy about asking for help on GitHub.

Getting started with fidesops in Docker

The recommended way to run fidesops is to launch it with Docker and Docker Compose. Make commands wrap docker-compose commands to give you different functionality.

System Requirements

  1. Install Docker:
  2. Create a fork of fidesops
  3. Clone your fork git clone<your-fork-location>/fidesops.git
  4. cd fidesops

Available nox commands

An up-to-date list of build commands is available by running nox from within the project directory.


  • MSSQL: Known issues around connecting to MSSQL exist today for Apple M1 users. M1 users that wish to install pyodbc locally, please reference the workaround here.

  • Package not found: When running nox -s dev, if you get a importlib.metadata.PackageNotFoundError: fidesops, do nox -s dev -- shell, and then run pip install -e .. Verify fidesops is installed with pip list.

Write your code

See the contributing details guide to get familiar with writing and testing API endpoints, database models, and more.

We want to help you ensure your code plays nicely with the rest of the fidesops ecosystem. Many projects describe code style and documentation as a suggestion; in fidesops it's a CI-checked requirement.

Submit your code

In order to submit code to fidesops, please:

  • Fork the fidesops repository
  • Add the original as a remote (I'm naming it upstream), to keep your fork in sync
    git remote add upstream
  • Create a new branch on your fork bash git checkout main git fetch upstream git merge upstream/main git push origin main git checkout -b my-new-branch git push origin my-new-branch
  • Open a Pull Request once your work is ready for review
  • Submit the pull request from your repo. Pull requests should be submitted with a clear description of the issue being handled, including links to any external specifications or Github issues. PRs should not be merged by the person submitting them, except in rare and urgent circumstances.
  • Once automated tests have passed, a maintainer will review your PR and provide feedback on any changes it requires to be approved. Once approved, your PR will be merged into fidesops.


You're a fidesops contributor - welcome to the team! 🎉

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