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Documentation is incredibly important to fidesctl, both for explaining its concepts to general audiences and describing its usage to developers.


Fidesctl includes a great deal of "concept" documentation, which covers features, tutorials, guides, and examples separately from the auto-generated API reference. This page is part of the concept documentation for development!

To write concept docs, add Markdown files to the docs/fides/docs/ directory (or one of its subdirectories). To ensure that your page is displayed in the navigation, edit mkdocs.yml to include a reference to it.



Concepts that refer to proper nouns or are trademarked should always be capitalized. The exception here is fidesctl and fidesops, which are lowercased as a stylistic choice.

Other Fides terms, like "Data Category" or "System", should also be capitalized to be clear about the fact that a Fides resource is being referenced.

When a System is applied, it is either created or updated through the fidesctl api.

The System model requires a field called fides_key.

Previewing docs locally

Documentation (including both concepts and API references) is built and deployed with every merge to Fides's master branch.

If you're using VS Code Dev Containers, the docs will automatically be available at localhost:8000, otherwise you'll need to run the following command:

nox -s docs_serve

You'll see a status update as the docs build, and then an announcement that they are available on

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