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Data Qualifiers Reference

Data Qualifiers describe the degree of identification of the given data. Think of this as a spectrum: on one end is completely anonymous data, i.e. it is impossible to identify an individual from it, and on the other end is data that specifically identifies an individual.

Extensibility and interoperability

Data Qualifiers in the taxonomy are designed to support common privacy regulations and standards out of the box, these include GDPR, CCPA, LGPD and ISO 19944.

You can extend the taxonomy to support your system needs. If you do this, we recommend extending from the existing class structures to ensure interoperability inside and outside your organization.

If you have suggestions for core classes that should ship with the taxonomy, please submit your requests here

Data Qualifiers

Data Qualifiers are arranged as a series of nested subcategories, going from least identifiable (aggregated) to most identifiable (identified).

Label Parent Key Description
aggregated - Statistical data that does not contain individually identifying information but includes information about groups of individuals that renders individual identification impossible.
anonymized anonymized Data where all attributes have been sufficiently altered that the individual cannot be reidentified by this data or in combination with other datasets.
unlinked_pseudonymized aggregated.anonymized Data for which all identifiers have been substituted with unrelated values and linkages broken such that it may not be reversed, even by the party that performed the pseudonymization.
pseudonymized aggregated.anonymized.unlinked_pseudonymized Data for which all identifiers have been substituted with unrelated values, rendering the individual unidentifiable and cannot be reasonably reversed other than by the party that performed the pseudonymization.
identified aggregated.anonymized.unlinked_pseudonymized.pseudonymized.identified Data that directly identifies an individual.
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