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Installation from PyPI

This page describes installations using the fidesctl package published on PyPI.

Basic Installation

The Fides team recommends using pipx over pip for environment isolation. The following documentation assumes pipx is installed, but pip commands can be substituted when needed.

To install Fidesctl, run:

pipx install fidesctl

Installing Optional Dependencies

Fidesctl ships with a number of optional dependencies that extend its functionality. To install these, use the following syntax:

pipx install "fidesctl[extra_1]"


pipx install "fidesctl[extra_1, extra_2]"

The optional dependencies are as follows:

  • all: includes all of the optional dependencies except for mssql due to platform-specific issues.
  • aws: includes the boto3 package to connect to AWS.
  • mssql: includes the MSSQL database connector.
  • mysql: includes the MySQL database connector.
  • postgres: includes the Postgres database connector.
  • redshift: includes the Redshift database connector.
  • snowflake: includes the Snowflake database connector.

NOTE: When installing database adapters there may be other dependencies, such as the pg_hba.conf file that usually requires a Postgres installation or the Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL Server

Apple M1 users of MSSQL: Known issues around connecting to MSSQL exist today, please reference the following issue for potential solutions:

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