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Managing Datasets

The Admin UI's Datasets panel allows you to easily view, add, edit, and configure your existing datasets and their connections.

Adding a dataset

Datasets can be added to the Fidesctl UI by connecting to your databases, or by uploading a pre-configured dataset YAML. An empty state label on the Datasets panel shows no datasets have been configured.

To add a new dataset, select Create new dataset from the Datasets panel.

dataset ui

You will then be given a list of options for creating your new dataset:

add a new dataset

Fidesctl provides two options for creating new datasets: uploading a YAML file, or connecting to a database, each of which are outlined below.

Upload a dataset YAML

Preexisting dataset configurations can be easily uploaded using the built-in uploader. These YAML configuration files might have come from a previous fidesctl installation, or a support engineer.

To upload a new dataset, select the Upload a new dataset YAML option.

upload dataset YAML

Paste the context of your YAML file into the provided text box, and select Create dataset. Fidesctl will upload and store your file for use with the rest of the Fides UI.

Connect to a database

To generate a dataset by connecting directly to a database, select Connect a database using a connection URL.

database connection

You will need to provide your database type from the dropdown, as well as the database URL string.

Once the required information is entered, select Create database. Fidesctl will display a success notification when the process is completed.

Load a dataset

To view the details of an existing dataset, highlight the row of the dataset you would like to view, and select Load dataset.

load a dataset

Viewing a dataset gives you access to additional information and details:

view dataset

Datasets may be modified and deleted from this window.

Modifying a dataset

Datasets can be modified at both the collection (top-level) and field levels, allowing you to edit and customize your labels, descriptions, and data categories.

Modifying fields

Selecting any field will bring up a side panel where that field's information may be edited. You may edit the field's description, identifiability, and modify the data categories it belongs to.

modify fields

To save your changes, select Save, and Fidesctl will apply them.

Modifying a collection

The Modify collection button allows you to change the collection's description, identifiability, and any top-level data categories that pertain to the data it contains.

modify collection

To save your changes, select Save, and Fidesctl will apply them.

Delete a dataset or field

A dataset may be deleted by selecting Modify collection, and finding the trash bin icon beside the dataset's name.

You will need to provide and confirm the dataset's name in order to delete it. Deleting a dataset cannot be undone.

To delete a field, find the trash bin icon beside the field's name when modifying it. Enter and confirm the field's name to delete it. Deleting a field cannot be undone.

delete dataset

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